“In order to see the beauty of a rainbow you must first endure the rain."  

D. Parton


Some examples of custom spellwork that I offer include, but are not limited to: 


  • Love: reconciliation, reunion, road opening between lovers, attracting a new partner, easing conflict between a couple, enhancing passion and intimacy.

  • Money: find a job, get a raise, open financial/career opportunities, attract success, get loans paid back, attract business partners or investors.

  • Cleansing/Healing: remove negativity and/or illness that has not been caused by Evil, bring peace, overcome anxiety/depression/nightmares.

  • Road Opening: unblock any area of your life, including love, relationships, career, business, luck, etc. 

  • Psychic: enhance your psychic abilities, empower your connection with ancestors and spirit guides, receive visions/inspiration/messages from spirits, pass exams or tests, enhance creativity, overcome artists’ blocks.

  • Fertility: overcome difficulties conceiving a child, overcome difficulties during the adoption process.

  • Protection: block negativity and envy.

  • Hex-Breaking etc. 

  • Home Protection/Home Cleansing: just as the protection and cleansing spells above, but for your home or business.