What kind of magic do you do, black or white?

This is the first and most frequently asked question posed to a specialist by a philistine. The answer to this is as follows: magic/sorcery/witchcraft cannot be black or white, since from the point of view of the church any occult influences (even innocent fortune-telling with cards) are sinful and therefore black. The conclusion is that witchcraft cannot be white or black, because in reality there is no division of black and white witchcraft. 


Good and evil are not creations of God or Devil, but of the human being. So they should not be considered as an absolute in value. A glance at everything the human mind might have conceived reveals nothing which may be viewed as absolutely Good or absolutely Evil, except one’s good will and the goodness of one’s heart. Intelligence, sharpness of the mind, ability to judge and the capacity to think ... all the many talents, whatever their name might be, such as courage, power of decision, intuition, perseverance ... are certainly desirable qualities for one to have. But, they may also be very Evil if and when the Will of the person using them (his or her character) is not a good one

How much does witchcraft (curses, spells, etc.) cost?

The cost of the work carried out by a specialist on a particular issue is calculated during the consultation and has no set restrictions. In other words, the cost of work is determined on a contractual basis between the specialist and the person seeking the service. For a specialist to estimate the value of future work, he needs to study the essence of the problem in detail. Sometimes, a simple problem can be solved in a short time with only one piece of advice. This will be relatively inexpensive. Sometimes the problem is very complex and it takes days and even weeks of painstaking work to solve it. Hence, the work will cost a great deal. Usually if this is the first thing a person asks, then it is clear that this person is not ready to turn to a specialist. He should reconcile himself with his problems, because a person who is stingy with money that might aid his own well-being will not achieve what he wants in any case. In addition, it should be kept in mind that experts in the field of Spiritualism are not holy apostles. They require payment for their work. As well as person who hires specialist to do work on HIS behalf are 100% responsible for financial part, no one will solve your problem for free, even doctors wont cure you if you have no insurance. 


The practice of witchcraft, or, in other words, the work of a practitioner, is very difficult. A person who naively believes that a practitioner performs the work by sitting at a table waving his hands or a magic wand with incomprehensible whisperings is strongly mistaken. For the most part, only consultations are conducted while seated at a table. Most witchcraft is performed in an open space, such as forests, fields, rivers, and cemeteries. A specialist spends a lot of his personal vitality in addition to his time. Quality professional witchcraft is not cheap. Therefore, the work of mages is very difficult and costly. A person who wants to get rid of his everyday problems (get even with an enemy, make a loved one return, get rid of a rival, become rich and successful, etc.), but naively believes that he will be able to get it by spending a small amount on experts in the field of witchcraft, should not even bother trying. He would do better to turn around and learn to live with his problems. A person incapable of a significant material sacrifice for his own ends will not achieve anything, and running around in search of cheap professional will only cause him to lose small sums of money in vain. If he comes across scammers and amateurs, he will lose much more money and time. But it can get much worse. A person may not only lose money when visiting dubious persons. If the mage has learned his control of magic from boarding schools and Hollywood films, he will likely irreparably exacerbate the problem.

Any magical work requires the specialist to expend a significant amount of personal energy. The cost of the work is directly proportional to the complexity of the problem. Some difficult cases require several months of hard work and a high risk to the specialist’s own health, and even, at times, his life. As a result, no sane specialist will work for small sums or on credit. In addition, it should be understood that a witchcraft specialist is not a fairy. By helping to solve a person's problem, mediating between a person and the Force, he works for his own good, above all. 

When is the payment made? Before or after the work is done?


The payment is always made only before the beginning of the Spiritual work and at no other time. Many specialists expect payment for consulting services and carry them out only after they have been paid. There are so many people who do not take the consultation seriously, or who are just hooligans who, when registering for a consultation, simply do not come to their scheduled consultation. They distract the specialist from his work, other people who are in serius truble and in a great need of  help, and they are simply expose their own flawed personalities. In addition, a specialist has to make no small expenditure on various material components for performing divinations (transportation costs, sacrificial materials, offerings, wax, tools, etc.) in most cases.



Is witchcraft guaranteed to work?


Only scammers give a hundred percent guarantee. Witchcraft is not a commodity and it cannot be guaranteed. A real expert’s efficacy can be expressed as an approximately eighty percent chance of a positive result. The twenty-percent potential for negative results is usually due to the applicants themselves (non-compliance with recommendations, negligent attitude, initial concealment of any features of the problem, stinginess, etc.). In rare cases, a negative result happens due to force majeure circumstances that occurred at no fault of the specialist’s.


How long does witchcraft take to work?

It should be noted that promises in newspaper, internet, and television advertising, saying that the result will come in a few days and even hours is an outright lie. Most specialists will not promise this. Of course, there are cases when the result comes very quickly, several days and even hours after the conduct of the ritual, but that is a very rare exception that happens in very simple and favorable cases. In general, when a negative force is removed (evil eye / hex / curse / spell), the result comes within one and a half months after the ritual, and in some very serious cases after an even longer period. When a negative force is imposed (spell / curse), depending on what kind it is, a tangible result occurs after several days to several months and even years. When the spell is cast, a tangible result (it is one thing to bewitch a person who already has contact with the person who turned to us, and another to return a long time divorced husband having eliminated a bunch of obstacles and rivals) occurs from several days to several months afterward, depending on the complexity of the situation.  When a ritual is performed for material prosperity, success, luck, and rejuvenation, tangible results occur after at least one and a half months, and much depends on the type of ritual performed and the situation the person was in before appealing to a specialist.


Am I committing a sin and will I suffer punishment for contacting this kind of specialist?


On the part of the church, anything related to the occult sciences is considered sinful, including, as mentioned previously, fortune-telling with playing cards, and even keeping them in the home!! Priests who treat people with prayers and exorcism are often excommunicated. These priests consider themselves to be right and true Christians, but they are actively engaged in business, collecting giant donations from businessmen and elites. They intimidate those with sins and let them pay for their misdeeds. They daily use the "wonders" of civilization (cars, appliances, phones, the Internet, etc.) and eat foods that are not prepared in a primitive way, even though, according to their own teachings, these things are created by people with the guidance of the Devil. So before you ask such a question, think it over and you will understand that your question is simply naive. Many have read a lot of occult literature and Internet forums on the occult and begin to become concerned that, after consulting a specialist in the field of witchcraft and ordering work, they will be overtaken by the notorious "blowback.” The specialist will conduct the work for the person who makes the appeal, and therefore he will be responsible for that person and will take care of him (the expert will be able to take care of himself). Someone who seeks help from a real, experienced specialist will experience no side effects.

Do you practice healing?

Mages (Spiritualists) in general do not engage in healing at all, since their destination on earth is different. Healers heal. They are godly people who do only good deeds. They cannot cast spells or engage in the creation of material well-being, the punishment of enemies, etc. Their purpose is only to save people from diseases and insignificant witchcraft. Mages can eliminate the root cause of the disease if it turns out that the disease is incurable by traditional medicine and was originally caused by sorcery (evil eye / hex / curse / spell). By eliminating this root cause, the specialist can ensure that the disease is easily cured, both by medical and folk methods.


Will I get a refund if the witchcraft does not work?


A real expert carefully scrutinizes the problem and wishes of the person seeking help, assesses the situation and the possibility of solving the problem, weighs all the pros and cons, truthfully explains the assessment of the situation to the person seeking help and only then discusses the cost and the deadline for executing the work. A specialist’s effectiveness in percentage terms has already been discussed above. That is to say, the probability of obtaining a negative result through the fault of a specialist is practically reduced to zero. If the desired result is not achieved due to force majeure circumstances, then it is simply silly to demand a refund from a specialist. It is equally foolish to ask for mage work on credit or in advance of payment. The specialists do not work the way others do, quantity over quality, seeing 5-10 people a day. They assess each visitor's problem individually and avoid errors as much as possible. In principle, a ritual failing due to a mistake on the part of the specialist is impossible.


Most often, those who appeal to a specialist in the field of witchcraft grossly violate the recommendations they receive in anticipation of the results. For example, they might seek advice and often even help from another specialist simultaneously. They may not observe the rule of secrecy. They may take action themselves without informing the specialist. They may begin to make offerings in some form, as well as walk around the churches to burn candles for the sake of the success of the event, or read prayers. It is absolutely unacceptable to do this, since you have turned to a specialist in the field of witchcraft who will communicate with completely different Forces to solve your problem. With church candles and prayers, you will invalidate all the specialist’s hard work. You should take into account that a powerful magical effect is based on working with the Spirits/Demons (Forces)  and only this same Force is able to give a person the affection of his neighbor, good luck, health (this does not pave the way to the notorious Hell as the clergy and devout people claim). Alas, God and the church can only help people to endure all the hardships and adversities of life, not to get rid of them.

Can you prove that you can cast spells and that you are a magician? Can you guess my problem yourself to surprise me?

Firstly, I will remind you once again that the word magician for a specialist in witchcraft sounds like an insult. This word is the fruit of the fantasy of various kinds of occult writers who do not have the slightest notion of either the theory or practice of witchcraft. Those who prefer to call themselves by this title are various kinds of swindlers and dilettantes, that is, white and black mages, as well as various followers of numerous home-grown secret societies and sects tailored to Western magical orders. Secondly, a real expert in the field of witchcraft will never demonstrate or prove anything to anyone on a dare, as is the lot of circus illusionists and theater mages.


How long does a full consultation take, how much is done in absentia, and what does a consultation represent and include?

A full consultation usually takes from one to several hours depending on the complexity of the problem or problems that the person is seeking to resolve. In this case, a complete diagnosis of the problem through clairvoyance is carried out, if necessary. The specialist will read the cards, clarify the essence of the problem, and discuss the most acceptable ways to solve it with the one appealing for help.


A consultation by correspondence can take up to several days, as there are additional questions from both parties as a rule.