Not offered at this time, until further notice

Due to high travel costs to many of Natasha Helvin's customers, she will now be offering online one on one training intensive.


Natasha offers 10 two-hour sessions and unlimited emails during the session period as well as 30 days after completing training with her. Sessions will be performed via a video platform.

There will be assessments given to Natasha's customers, which will require recordings, and will be analyzed by Natasha to ensure progress. 

For those of you more interested in Haitian Voodoo, training can be arranged upon request. However, before approval into this program, there are requirements that need to be met. You will discuss the details during the initial call with Natasha Helvin. This one on one in-person training program will take place either in Natasha Helvin’s home or in Voodoo Temple in Haiti, depending on your experience and other factors. You have a choice to work with Natasha Helvin from several days up to several months. Those that choose the extended program can expect to walk away with enough knowledge and ability to begin working with their own clients on a new journey into this fascinating path!




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